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Click to Teach/Click to Learn: interactive lessons suitable for student self-paced learning

To support the many teachers searching for online content for their students, EdTA offers lessons designed for online learning perfect for homework assignments, teacher facilitated projects or student independent study.  Drawn from some of the most popular curriculum featured on TE-Pro and laid out in a student friendly format they feature:   

- project based lessons  
- aligned with standards 
- simple interactive layout
- perfect for hybrid learning 
- web based packages include all materials
- student friendly layout
- linked to companion full curricular units 


Thespians perform at "Thespians Go Hollywood".  

FREE TO ALL: Eleven Click to Teach Online Units

Click on any link below to access the full lesson with all materials designed for online learning, teacher facilitated projects or student independent study.  Lessons are suitable for High School students and may be adapted for Middle Grades. 

Technical Theatre:

Cos-Play Costuming - Middle Grades & High School

"Walk a Mile in My Shoes" a Sound Design Lesson - Middle Grades & High School

Creating a Set Design Lesson - Middle Grades & High School

Exploring Careers in Theatre: The Stage Manager - Middle Grades & High School

Virtual Lighting Design Lesson - High School

Acting & Performance: 

Defining Given Circumstances with an Open Scene - Middle Grades & High School

Theatre History Detective - Understanding Dramaturgy - Middle Grades & High School

Interpreting a Role - Scoring Actions - Middle Grades & High School

D.I.Y. Hip Hop Musical Theatre - Middle Grades & High School

Preparing a Role - Reflection and Revision as the Actor's Craft - High School

Re-Imagining Shakespeare - Creating a Director's Concept - High School


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