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Acting & Performance Level Up Challenges

Are you interested in acting, singing, dancing, or performing? This page is for you! Explore new areas of interest, build skills, and test your knowledge!

Filming an Audition Level 1

Learn tips and tricks for creating a polished recording.

Improv Level 1

Learn how to recognize, make, accept and advance offers.

Choreography Level 1

Learn and practice basic dance moves in differing styles.

Filming an Audition Level 2

Refine your filmed audition with the help of a buddy.

Improv Level 2

Learn how to endow objects, characters, and settings.

Choreography Level 2

Create your own choreography to a song of your choice.

Audition Prep Level 1

Learn about the audition process and how to prepare.

Song Performance Level 1

Dive into the text and the character's objectives in the song.

Mime Level 1

Explore different mime techniques and create a mimed scene.

Given Circumstances Level 1

Discover how actors use given circumstances to support their performance.

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