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Enjoy these Model Cornerstone Assessments

Enjoy several free Model Cornerstone Assessment Units below. Learn more about Model Cornerstone Assessments.

  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Costume Design
    Students will create a costume design for a character in a drama or theatre work by analyzing the work, identifying and researching a design concept, constructing a mood board, sketching renderings and estimating a budget. Authors: Theatre Educator Jessica Shaw with Shirlee Idzakovich, NYC Costumer
  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Lighting Design
    Students will explore how lighting design can create an impact and communicate the story of a piece of instrumental music. Students select a 90 second piece of music and conceptualize and actualize a design incorporating the use of light, shadow, color and pattern. Authors: Theatre Educator Joanna Fellows-Chilcoat with Professional Lighting Designer Cheryl J. Williams
  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Sound Design
    Students will explore audio production for theatre, radio, film, television and other crative media by working to create a fully realized soundscape for a piece of literature. Authors: Theatre Educator Aileen Zigler with Andre Rodriguez, Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Tech Theatre Resources

A sampling of Tech Resources. Please see DESIGNING for more.

  • Costume Construction MCA
    Costume Construction Model Cornerstone Assessment created by Joanna Chilcoat Fellows and Shirlee Idzakovich. Students research and design a costume, create a pattern using their own measurements and build the final costume to bring the design to life.
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  • Introduction to Scenic Technology
    This five week Introduction to Scenic Technology Unit by Esther Winney is suitable for an intermediate high school class.
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  • Stage Management for High School
    This high school lesson plan by Burt Machela breaks down stage management into simple to teach skills in a clear, easy to use format suitable for beginning or more experienced students. Works well for new teachers or veteran teachers to use.
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  • Tech Theatre Curriculum Map
    A sample year long tech theatre curriculum from Texas educator B.K. Goodman.
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