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  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Costume Design
    Students will create a costume design for a character in a drama or theatre work by analyzing the work, identifying and researching a design concept, constructing a mood board, sketching renderings and estimating a budget. Authors: Theatre Educator Jessica Shaw with Shirlee Idzakovich, NYC Costumer
  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Sound Design
    Students will explore audio production for theatre, radio, film, television and other crative media by working to create a fully realized soundscape for a piece of literature. Authors: Theatre Educator Aileen Zigler with Andre Rodriguez, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Lighting Design
    Students will explore how lighting design can create an impact and communicate the story of a piece of instrumental music. Students select a 90 second piece of music and conceptualize and actualize a design incorporating the use of light, shadow, color and pattern. Authors: Theatre Educator Joanna Fellows-Chilcoat with Professional Lighting Designer Cheryl J. Williams
  • HS-II Accomplished MCA: Design Concept
    Students will create a design concept presentation for a published play. They will describe the theme of the play, think about and write a clear design concept and respond to questions from peers and teachers. They will describe two elements of theatrical design – scenic & lighting or costume & make-up – in their design concept presentation.


Search through model lesson plans for grades K-12 created by educators for EdTA as a part of the 2020 EdTA Lesson Plan Project.

  • Trimble SketchUp Basics
    High School Advanced lesson by Jason Robert LeClair to teach students the basic principles and capabilities of the application, Trimble SketchUp. In this lesson, students use this platform to visualize in a 3D computer aided drafting program their designs for a work of scenic design.
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  • Designing for a Moment in Time: Where Dramaturgy and Design Meet
    High School Advanced lesson by Joselyn Ludtke. In this dramaturgy and scene design lesson, students learn to conduct design research through a Historical Lens. By applying period architectural details to their design sketches, students add specificity to scenic design.
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  • Faux Painting Techniques
    High School Advanced lesson by Jason Robert LeClair that focuses on how to make the most of scenic design with only optical illusions and paint. In this lesson, students will learn and recreate various painting techniques.
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  • Wallpaper Patterns: Historical Design and Reproduction
    High School Advanced lesson by Joselyn Ludtke. In this design only lesson, students research a time period and create a reproducible wallpaper pattern for stage use.
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