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Enjoy these Model Cornerstone Assessments

Enjoy several free Model Cornerstone Assessment Units below.   

  • HS-I Proficient MCA: Character Based Improv
    Students will choose a character from a suggested genre (fairy tale, nursery rhyme, or other literary source) with which they are familiar and complete the Character Analysis Worksheet. All students will then be given the same set of scene parameters that includes a place, situation and clearly-defined obstacle to overcome. Working with an assigned partner, students will improvise and perform a three-minute scene in character.
  • HS-I Proficient MCA Finding the Meaning Behind Movement
    This musical theatre unit focuses on the student actor finding the meaning behind the character's movement on stage while performing a song. Emphasis is on replacing movement for movement's sake by character driven movement. Authors: Theatre Educator Jordan Herskowitz with Actor, Director & Choreographer Brian Curl
  • HS-II Accomplished MCA: Bringing Shakespeare to Life
    Using scenes from Shakespeare's 12th night students will analyze text and learn how to use the language of Shakespeare to guide their performance. Authors: Theatre Educator Maura Vaughn with Kristen Giroux, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • HS-III Advanced MCA: Monologue Mash Up
    Students will hone responsiveness and kinesthetic awareness as performance skills to be used to deepen monologue performances. Students will find and prepare a contemporary monologue, then work in groups of three to mash up these monologues into scenes in order to find and feel fresh impulses that motivate their performances "in the moment". Authors: Theatre Educator Michael Sherman with teaching artist Erin Carr, actress, director and physical theatre specialist.


Search through model lesson plans for grades K-12 created by educators for EdTA as a part of the 2020 EdTA Lesson Plan Project.

  • Forum Theatre
    High School Advanced lesson by Kaz Chandler. In this lesson, students investigate the techniques of Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed through Forum Theatre in exploring reform of social issues through theatrical convention.
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  • Viewpoints Life Story
    High School Advanced lesson by Kaz Chandler designed for students to practice the 4 Viewpoints of Time and create an original composition using those Viewpoints.
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  • Using Different Action Techniques in Rehearsal
    High School Advanced lesson by Shira Schwartz. In this lesson students work with at least 2 different acting techniques to help create believable characters and reflect on the rehearsal process.
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  • The Power of Exploring Action Synonyms
    High School Advanced lesson by Kaz Chandler. In this lesson, students will find two synonyms for the essential action of a character in a monologue or a scene and apply those actions towards exploring the changes they might create in physicals and voice in pursuing the character’s objective.
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