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Upcoming Webinars

Teaching Radio Theatre: Creating an Old Time Radio Drama

January 14th - 7:30 p.m. Eastern
Larry Groebe, Generic Radio Workshop
Free for Members - Non Members $49.00 

Radio drama is ideally  suited for working with students for virtual productions; blending vintage scripts and production methods with modern technologies. At the core, by minimizing (or removing) the video, it encourages both students and audience to reactivate their imagination in ways they rarely do anymore. Larry Groebe, founder of the Generic Radio Workshop, has been recreating old time radio for nearly 40 years. This year he turned to the Zoom app to carry on the work with "Project Audion", which has produced video-augmented radio shows using voice actors from across the country.  Larry will discuss the reasons and resources available for audio drama and demonstrate how to recreate old-style radio, from script selection, to sound effects, to the best ways to use Zoom and other technologies to build the final product.   In short, it’s a real ear-opener. 

Project Audion

During the “Golden Age of Radio” all America tuned into the hundreds of comedies, dramas, soap operas and adventures broadcast across the country. Like proper theatre, these were all performed live, but heard by an invisible audience of millions. Now, thanks to the internet and tools like Zoom, the classic radio era can be recreated today in a safe and engaging manner. 

Enjoy this sample of Larry's work - a Project Audion video. 

Culturally Inclusive Teaching: Creating an Action Plan

January 26th - 7:30 p.m. Eastern - Joshua Rashon Streeter, James Madison University
Free for Members - Non Members $49.00

In this ninety minute session you will work with Joshua Rashon Streeter to learn how to create a plan of action to guide culturally inclusive teaching in your classroom. 


  • Define culturally responsive pedagogy and describe its primary characteristics.
  • Identify areas of growth and reflection in relation to culturally responsive pedagogy.
  • Explain shifts in practice that would support culturally responsive teaching in the theatre classroom or rehearsal room. 


Joshua Rashon Streeter is a drama/theatre educator and director. His scholarship analyzes the pedagogies used in rehearsals and classrooms and considers the relationship between process and product in a creative experience. He was named the 2015 Winifred Ward Scholar from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE). Joshua was one of the twelve writers for the National Theatre Standards and has worked as a consultant for numerous state departments of education.  Joshua's teaching primarily focuses on pre-service and in-service education in K-12 schools, Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA), musical theatre, and arts integration. Joshua is a writer, director, and dramaturg. Currently, Joshua is developing new works with his two collaborators, Ryan Laney (in musical theatre) and Becca Drew Ramsay (in Theatre for the Very Young). 


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