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Live Webinar - December 7, 2023


Title: Moving Beyond the Norm: Examining a Model for Liberation in Arts Education
Date: Thursday, December 7th at 7:30pm EST
Presenter: Quanice Floyd
Pricing: Free for EdTA Members. Non-Members: $49.00

In the realm of arts education, it is crucial to question the existing norms and explore new approaches that foster liberation, empowerment, and inclusivity. This dynamic webinar invites educators, practitioners, and advocates to critically examine the traditional model of arts education and discover strategies for integrating a more liberatory framework into their work.

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On-Demand Learning

Available On-Demand Beginning Nov 16, 2023


Title: "I'm In Charge of the Theatre, Now What?" - Maintaining Your Theatre and Protecting Your Investment
Date: Available beginning November 16th, 2023
Presenter: Dana Taylor
Pricing: Free for EdTA Members. Non-Members: $49.00

Theatre educators are often asked to take on the management of their performance spaces, sometimes with little or no prior knowledge and few resources. The problem is, that without resources to help gain a more complete understanding of the unique needs of these spaces, they can fall quickly into disrepair, or worst case scenario, become dangerous. Tech Theatre expert Dana Taylor takes us through the basics of managing theatre spaces, offers tips and advice, and points the way to advocacy for your program needs.

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In Case You Missed It...

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My Grandfather's Ways: An Introduction to Indigenous Teachings

Speaker: Allison Green

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Why Every Student Should Think Like A Dramaturg

Speaker: Lindsay Kujawa

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A Toolbox for Cultural Competency

Speaker: Francesca Betancourt


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Teaching Theatre to Students on the Spectrum

Speaker: Sally Bailey

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