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Supporting Students During Times of Anxiety and Stress

In times of confusion and traumatic events, often theatre students look to their theatre classes as a safe place of refuge and comfort.  For some, the most comfort will come from the familiar routines and business as usual, for others the most comfort will come from discussion and sharing. A number of organizations have begun publishing resources for starting these discussions. EdTA has collected a curated list of some of the best of these below.   

Strategies for Opening Discussion

Focusing on Student Well Being During Times of Crisis
This article by Cathleen Beachboard offers concrete tips for supporting your students through times of crisis.  Published on Edutopia.

Talking to Children About Violence from the National Association of School Psychologists 
This handout, also available in several languages, offers tips and talking points for talking with children about violence and trauma, published by the National Association of School Psychologists.

Managing Strong Emotional Reactions to Traumatic Events from the National Association of School Psychologists
This article discusses possible strong reactions and offers advice and support for educators.

Tips for Talking to Students About Violence from Common Sense Media
Strategies for opening the discussion from Common Sense Media.  Common Sense Media collects tools and research exploring media, technology and information. 

Curriculum and Resources 

When Bad Things Happen from Teaching Tolerance 
Lesson plan and links from Teaching Tolerance.  Teaching Tolerance is an organization dedicated to creating civil and inclusive school communities where all children are respected and valued.  They offer free resources to educators with an emphasis on social justice and anti bias. 

Resources for Talking to Students About Politics, Civil Engagement and Uncertainty from ASCD
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development offers a set of free videos and lesson plans. 

Resources for Responding to Trauma from Edutopia
This extensive list from Edutopia offers strategies, lesson plans and other resources for helping students process trauma, including resources for Trauma Informed Instruction strategies. 

Helping Young Children Respond to Trauma from the American Red Cross
Downloadable pdf offers an overview of common reactions to trauma from students of various ages.

Big Paper Discussion Strategy for Virtual Environments from Facing History
Tips for using a "Big Paper" collaborative document discussion strategy in a virtual environment. 

Supporting Ourselves: EdTA Learning Center Resources for Educators

In addition to supporting your students, it is important in times of trauma to practice self care as well. EdTA offers a series of webinars addressing the unique needs and pressures that theatre educators deal with daily, and even more so in these traumatic times.  Find the resources you need on the Self Care Pathway including:  

Processing the Pandemic  with Amy Luskey-Barth, MPC and Cindy Warden, certified life coach.
This webinar offered in the height of the pandemic, not only addressed the immediate concerns of the times, but also offered wonderful coping strategies for dealing with trauma of any kind.

Self Care for Theatre Educators with Dana Parsons
Take a deep dive into self-care to explore approaches, core beliefs, and tactical strategies that uplift well-being and joy.

Unicorn Teachers, Wellness and Stress Management with Ayesis Clay
Ayesis Clay talks frankly about the warning signs for burn out and what to do about it.