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Teaching Radio Theatre: Creating an Old Time Radio Drama

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Teaching radio drama makes a virtue of necessity while also opening new possibilities. It’s ideally suited for working remotely. It’s budget-friendly, requiring no sets and few, if any,  licensing fees. Blending vintage scripts and production methods with modern technologies broadens the educational possibilities. And at the core, by minimizing (or removing) the video, we encourage both students and audience to reactivate their imagination in ways they rarely do anymore. A radio show puts limits on what you can do, but it also removes limits at the same time. Students don’t have to look the part - they just have to sound the part. If you want to to make a superhero fly, on the radio you can do it easily and on budget. It just takes a good imagination.  In short, it’s a real ear-opener.


Learning Goals:

  1. Explore some of the reasons for creating radio drama guidelines for a respectful discovering of students' passions.
  2. Learn about easily available resources.
  3. Understand best practice for re-creating old style radio, from script selection to sound effects to technologies that make it possible. 

Length: 60 minutes

Larry Groebe

Founder, Generic Radio Workshop

Generic Radio Workshop

Larry Groebe is a founder of the Generic Radio Workshop, Texasʼ oldest established audio theater troupe. He’s the maintainer of the internet's largest online repository of old time radio scripts - genericradio.com. He has by now produced audio dramas and portrayed vintage radio roles both in-person and online for considerably longer than the Golden Age of Radio actually existed. When Covid prevented in-person live radio plays, he created "Project Audion", online vintage radio dramas performed collaboratively by actors from audio theatre groups in different parts of the country. By day Larry is a creative director and Internet developer for a Dallas communications company. 


Teaching Radio Drama: Creating an Old Time Radio Play
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Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin. Tap into the power of radio drama for virtual productions.
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Teaching Radio Drama Webinar
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