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A Mini Course in Understanding the National Theatre Standards

Learn about the structure of the National Theatre Standards and the ways in which this structure can connect to your lesson plans.  Time for completion: 15 minutes. 

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the components of the National Theatre Standards.
    Understand the difference between Anchor Standards and Grade Level Performance Standards.
    Understand the difference between the supporting materials (Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Process Components) and the standards themselves.  

This course includes:

  • A short video explaining the standards. 
  • Downloadable copies of the National Theatre Standards.  
  • Printable certificate of completion. 

Ms. Cory Wilkerson

Cory Wilkerson is a Theatre Educator and consultant currently working as the Education Manager for the Educational Theatre Association.  Ms. Wilkerson was the former Project Manager for the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards- a coalition of the major arts organizations who has been working nationally to support vouluntary national arts standards-and took an active role supporting and documenting the creation of the 2014 National Core Arts Standards.  Prior to joining EdTA, Ms. Wilkerson consulted on the Theatre Opportunity to Learn Standards, the Theatre Educator Evaluation Workbook and the 2018 Model Theatre Curriculumm Framework Project. 


Understanding the Structure of the National Theatre Standards
Recorded 03/30/2020
Recorded 03/30/2020 Recorded introduction to the standards. Short course version.
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