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Middle Grades MCAS

A Model Cornerstone Assessment is a model of assessment with guidance for instruction which may be customized for use in your classroom.  Model Cornerstone Assessments (MCAs) are aligned to the 2014 National Theatre Standards and illustrated with examples of adjudicated student work.  MCAs have been created for the middle grades students at grade 8.  

8th Grade MCA

MCA Title: Pantomime

Artistic Processes: Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting

Task Description: Students will create, rehearse, revise, and present a short pantomime in the form of a story with a beginning, conflict, and ending resolution that expresses meaning, emotion, and character. This pantomime will be done in small groups around a theme that involves solving a community issue (e.g. need for a new park, clean ground water, healthier cafeteria food). Proficiency will be demonstrated through the use of facial expression, gesture, full body movement (stage picture), movement in space (blocking), and cessation of movement (tableau). Although done in small groups, the assessment should be done individually. 

Authors:  Written by the 2014 National Theatre Standards Writing Team

8th Grade MCA: Pantomime

Although the 8th grade pantomime was a collaborative group task, students were each scored individually.  Keep an keep an eye on student 24 (seated) student 25 (light blue shirt) student 26 (pigtails), all of whom scored At Standard during the benchmarking. 

8th Grade Pantomime Rubric


View and download the unit with embedded assessment authored by the writers of the 2014 National Theatre Standards.

  • 8th Grade MCA: Pantomime
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