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Dramaturgy Resources



Model lesson plans for grades K-12 created by educators for EdTA.

  • Greek Theatre as a Democratic Tool
    High School Advanced lesson by Jason Robert LeClair. In this lesson, students re-imagine a scene from a Greek classical work and reflect upon the script as a tool of democratic debate and statement of protest.
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  • Fathers of Modern Realism
    High School Advanced lesson by Joel King to introduce students to the playwrights who are widely considered the fathers of modern realism in theatre. Students investigate how advancements in the study of sociology and psychology influenced the development of theatrical works created by these playwrights.
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Professional Learning

Enjoy these Model Cornerstone Assessments

Enjoy several free Model Cornerstone Assessment Units below. Learn more about Model Cornerstone Assessments.

  • HS-II Accomplished MCA: Bringing Shakespeare to LIfe
    Using scenes from Shakespeare's 12th night students will analyze text and learn how to use the language of Shakespeare to guide their performance. Authors: Theatre Educator Maura Vaughn with Kristen Giroux, Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  • HS-III Advanced MCA: Devising Theatre for Social Issues
    Students will create a collaborative devised theatre piece by engaging in active exploration of a theme/issue/idea, preparing a dramaturgical notebook, and using research and exploration to identify ways in which space, architecture, rhythm, movement, sound, light, text and tension can deliver the message. Authors: Theatre Educator Kristie Fuller with NYC teaching artist Kate Lee