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Celebrate Black History Month in your theatre class by exploring the history of Black plays and works on Broadway, from the late 1800's until today.  Find the titles you need at Black Work Broadway an internet database tracking plays by people of color on Broadway.   

Other theatre specific resources:
Celebrating Black History Month - Broadway Milestones You Need to Know   
Learn about Broadway milestones as a part of Black history.

Celebrate Black History Month in the Theatre 
Celebrate famous Black Thespians with Tomorrow Tix out of Seattle 

Six Great African American Musicals
This commercial site from Walter Film sells Hollywood memorabilia, but their page in homage to 6 great African American musicals contains some wonderful history tidbits and video clips.

Celebrate Black History Month with PBS
PBS has pulled together a wealth of black performance examples combined with historic video snippets on this multi media site.

Lesson Plan Idea: 
Use any of the above or all of them to build a lesson in theatre research by diving into the social and cultural background of famous works by Black artists.

National Theatre Standards Alignment:
Middle Grades:
TH:Cn11.2.6.b. Investigate the time period and place of a drama/theatre work to better understand performance and design choices. 
TH:Cn11.2.7.a.  Research and discus how a playwright may have intended a drama/theatre work to be produced.
High School:
TH:Cn11.2.I.b. Use basic theatre research methods to better understand the social and cultural background of a drama/theatre work.

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