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  • Beginning HS Theatre Norm Building Lesson
    This lesson for beginning HS theatre students by Gai Laing Jones utilizes discussion and physicalization to examine and establish classroom norms.
  • Laban Movement for Characterization
    Students learn basic Laban movement analysis to create and express a character in this lesson shared by Jessica Harms, Massachusetts theatre educator and EdTA member.
  • Exploring Archetypes
    Students create scenes using archetypical characters in this lesson plan by Jessica Harms, a theatre educator and member from Massachusetts. Great for beginning theatre students.
  • Improvised Characters for Middle Grades
    Theatre Educator Jennifer Ridgway uses vocal and physical methods to guide students through creating an improvised character. Great for Middle Grades groups after they have had a little bit of acting under their belts. Could also work for beginning high school groups.
  • Creative Dramatics Grade 5
    A sixty minute creative dramatics lesson plan featuring "teacher in role" and other creative dramatics protocols.
  • "Ecosystems" - Creative Dramatics
    An arts integration lesson plan integrating Drama & Science by Megan Baird, Meghann Bugg and Dayna Thomas

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