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Exploring Online Tools for Best Practice in Rubric Creation

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Explore the website "Arts Assessment for Learning" using group tools of discussion and reflection.  This mini course points participants to the webpage and provides a place to study the work through discussion boards.  Time to complete- 30 minutes.


Group Discussion: Making a Better Rubric with Online Arts Assessment Tools
Please click "Completed" when you are done.
Please click "Completed" when you are done. For this exploration, the learning goal is to access online tools to study best practice for the creation of rubrics, and then to engage with the tools through a shared discussion format here at TE-Pro. You will be visiting the Arts Assessment for Learning site created by Dr. Heidi Andrade of the State University of New York at Albany in partnership with the New York City schools. To begin, please open another browser window and copy and paste this url into the search bar: http://artsassessmentforlearning.org/about-assessment/ Next scroll down to Chapter 6 - Crafting Effective Rubrics, What Makes a Rubric Good
Make 1 discussion post to continue.
Make 1 discussion post to continue. Compare and contrast the Brookheart and Wilson perspectives using the quotes provided in the training. what did you find striking about the Brookheart perspective? How does it address the concerns raised by Wilson? Post your thoughts in this discussion forum, then stop back to view the other posts and respond to one of the posts, building a common understanding through shared perspectives.
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